These papers explore Marx’s own writings, do my homework for me topics for an essay work in the Marxist tradition and issues which these writings raise. In four cases, the papers first appeared in the small journal Common Sense (a complete digitalised run of which can be consulted at Common Sense Journal).

pdficon_small‘Is Nature Dialectical?’ [published in Marxism Today Vol. 21, No. 2 (February 1977)] (Note that assumptions made in this and later papers differ in a number of ways.)lesbian hookup sites buy college essays

pdficon_small‘Notes on Marxism and Religious Belief’ [published in Epworth Review Vol. 7, No. 2 (May 1980) and in David Stacey (ed.) Is

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Christianity Credible? (Epworth Press 1981)]lesbian hookup sites buy college essays

pdficon_small‘”The Only Real Phoenix”: Notes on Utopia and Apocalypse’ [published in Edinburgh Review No.71 (November 1985) and in Murdo Macdonald (ed.) Nothing is Altogether Trivial: An Anthology of Writing from the Edinburgh Review (Edinburgh University Press 1995)] (Note: The paper is a contribution to “ideal society” literature rather than to literature concerning Marx. It refers to Marx, however, and addresses a Marx-related theme.)

pdficon_small‘Ernst Bloch’s The Principle of Hope ‘ [published in Edinburgh Review No.76 (February 1987)]

pdficon_small‘Rights’ [published in Edinburgh Review No. 77 (May 1987)]

pdficon_small‘Practical Reflexivity

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in Marx’ [published in Common Sense No.1 (May 1987)]

pdficon_small‘Notes on “Class”’ [published in Common Sense No. 2 (July 1987); made available on on 9 April 2009]

pdficon_small‘Notas sobre “clase”’ [Spanish translation, by Anna-Maeve Holloway, of ‘Notes on “Class”’ (previous item on website). The piece is slightly shortened, and paragraph numbers in Spanish and English versions differ.]

pdficon_small‘”Sinif” uzerine notlar’ [Turkish translation, by Ilker Kabran, of ‘Notes on “Class”‘ (see above). Published in Otonom( No. 28 (July-September 2013)]

pdficon_small‘Marxism and Mediation’ [published in Common Sense No.2 (July 1987)]

pdficon_small‘A Sentence from Adorno’ [published in Variant (variant) No.6 (1988 or 1989)]

pdficon_small‘Marxism and Philosophy: A Critique of Critical Realism’ [published in Capital and Class (Capital and Class) No.37 (Spring 1989)]

pdficon_small‘Reclaiming Experience’ [published in Science as Culture Vol. 2, Part 2 (No. 11) (1991)] (Note: This paper refers to Marx only in passing. It is included here because it has links with ‘Marxism and Philosophy: A Critique of Critical Realism’: see previous website item.)

pdficon_small‘Against Historical Materialism: Marxism as First-Order Discourse’ [published in Werner Bonefeld, Richard Gunn and John Holloway (eds.) Open Marxism Vol.II (Pluto Press 1992)]

pdficon_small‘Marxism and Contradiction’ [published in Common Sense No.15 (1994)]

pdficon_small‘From Marx to Grotius and from Grotius to Marx’ (2012)

pdficon_small‘”Is Communism Possible?” – Comment’ [posted on Republican Communist Network website( on 16 April 2012]

pdficon_small‘Is the Frankfurt School Still Relevant?’ [jointly written by Richard Gunn and Adrian Wilding, and posted on 14 May 2013; published online by Heathwood Institute and Press( on 19 April 2014]

pdficon_small‘Hierarchy or Horizontalism? – Critics of Occupy’ [jointly written by Richard Gunn and Adrian Wilding, and published online by Heathwood Institute and Press ( on 31 January 2014]

pdficon_small‘Hierarchy or Horizontalism? – A Postscript’ [jointly written by Richard Gunn and Adrian Wilding and posted on 17 February 2014]

pdficon_small‘A Note on Habermas’ [jointly written by Richard Gunn and Adrian Wilding, do my homework for me topics for an essay and published online by Heathwood Institute and Press ( on 20 May 2014] (Note: the paper follows on from ‘Is the Frankfurt School Still Relevant?’ – see above.)

pdficon_small‘Marx and

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Recognition’ [jointly written by Richard Gunn and Adrian Wilding and published online by Heathwood Institute and Press ( on 24 November 2014]

pdficon_small‘Democratic Confederalism – A Review’ [posted on Word Power Books website ( on 12 May 2015]

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