Dear Stranger: I’m Engaged, and We Can’t Stop Thinking About Other Women

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Whom am I? Well, I’m Dana Schwartz, a lady whom spends time that is too much Twitter, and whom sales in many times when she should certainly prepare the veggies she purchased at the food store last week which are gradually rotting into the refrigerator. But, more to the point, I’m additionally a complete complete stranger. And quite often you need advice from a totally unbiased party (whom simply takes place to be right.)

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Pre-wedding peaches Getty/Schwartz

Dear Stranger,

Therefore, I’m involved, appropriate? And now we reside together—just signed a lease that is new reality! For the part that is most, we’re delighted. I am talking about, we now have our moments like everybody else, and yes, I’ve had ideas of making. That’s feet that are just cold right?

Except we keep having ideas about other ladies, also it just generally seems to develop each day. Like women all over me personally, particularly at the job. There’s this girl that basically fucking annoys me—really, actually just fucking annoying—but we can’t stop picturing sex with her. There’s been dreams even! along with other women. Where in fact the intercourse is really so good we break, simply, like, every thing. Nothing beats the intercourse I have actually . . . Ugh. Is marriage in my situation? Must I work on these other urges? Ignore them? Have always been We possibly psychotic? WHAT CAN I DO?


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