Miss Universe 2018 discusses legalizing medical cannabis

The planet simply crowned the Miss that is new Universe Bangkok, Thailand, yesterday. The Catriona that is 24-year-old Magnayon through the Philippines bested girls from 93 other nations and regions.

When you look at the Top 5 concern and response round, Gray had to talk about her views about legalizing cannabis.

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The host of Miss Universe 2018, American comedian Steve Harvey, asked: “Canada recently joined up with Uruguay while the 2nd nation in the entire world to produce cannabis appropriate. What’s your viewpoint regarding the legalization of marijuana?”

Her reaction had been extremely brief, yet right to the idea. Gray stated that she aids legalizing the employment of marijuana for medical purposes, although not for leisure purposes.

“I’m if you are utilized in medical use yet not so for recreational use. Continue reading “Miss Universe 2018 discusses legalizing medical cannabis”