Please follow these guidelines when writing your papers.

Deadlines Submit your papers because of the deadlines stated in the syllabus. You have got three grace days for all papers except the final paper, for which there are no free extensions. By the day before the deadline if you have a problem before the final paper, be sure to talk to me write my paper for me.

Basic Elements

  • Mechanics are essential. These are the basic tools that make the paper possible.
  • a) Descriptive Title. As simple as this will be, some social people forget.
  • b) Introductory Paragraph or Thesis. A thesis paragraph states what you are setting out to show in your paper and just how you shall do this. An introductory paragraph provides the reader with a clear understanding of what the paper is all about. In general it really is a idea that is good avoid the overuse associated with first person voice, because this can interrupt the flow of one’s prose. Check out examples to give some thought to:

Effective introductory paragraph that does not use “I”: In Dakota-A Spiritual Geography, Kathleen Norris writes about her life on the Western plains of the united states of america. She describes it as a kind of monastic world by which she’s got had the oppertunity to come in contact with her spiritual roots through the lives of those there, the land, therefore the solitude of her own inner life. She will not falsely idealize life from the plains as some kind of paradise away from the jungle that is urban. Continue reading “Please follow these guidelines when writing your papers.”