Check out AfL activities to try together with your learners.

They include ideas on collecting information, the strategic use of questioning, giving feedback, and introducing peer and self-assessment.

Collecting information

Ask learners to create one sentence to summarise what they realize about this issue in the start or end of a lesson. You could focus this by telling them to add e.g. what or why or how etc.

At the final end of a lesson learners share with regards to partner:

  • Three new stuff they have learnt
  • What they found easy
  • What they found difficult
  • Something they would like to learn as time goes by.

Give learners red, yellow and green cards (or they could make these themselves at home). At different points during the lesson, ask them to select a card and put it to their desk to demonstrate exactly how much they understand (red = don’t understand, yellow = partly understand, green = totally understand).

Use notes that are post-it evaluate learning. Continue reading “Check out AfL activities to try together with your learners.”

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